Who We Are

IECAP – Social Transformation Agency is a civil society organization, created in 2001, with the objective of promoting social inclusion and the defense of social rights of people at risk and social vulnerability.

We develop actions that help to reduce inequalities that limit citizenship and human dignity. We seek to generate a high social impact in the locations where we operate.

With these premises as guiding principles, we carry out initiatives that promote social inclusion, education, entrepreneurship, innovation, social reintegration, culture, arts, sport and leisure, training and professional qualification aimed at generating work and income , tourism, sustainable development and environmental protection.

Our management processes are well established, which allows all available resources to be applied assertively and efficiently, thus ensuring the permanent observance of the principles of legality, integrity and transparency in all of our projects. Thus, IECAP has consolidated partnerships with various agencies and institutions in the country, with emphasis on strategic support in projects for children and youth with the Government of the Federal District, becoming an expert in the execution of public policies and social inclusion actions in efficient, effective and sustainable manner.